H. W. Wilson Award for Excellence in Indexing

2008: Index to The History of Cartography, volume three: Cartography in the European Renaissance (ed. Woodward, University of Chicago Press, 2007)

2002: Cumulative index to The Letters of Matthew Arnold (ed. Lang, University of Virginia Press, 2001)

Ten Characteristics of Quality Indexes: Confessions of an Award-Winning Indexer  (sole author, Information Today, forthcoming in 2016)

Indexing Specialties: Scholarly Books (coeditor, Information Today, 2005)

Indexing Specialties: History (editor, Information Today, 1998)

quality indexes for scholarly books 

After more than 20 years of enjoying the challenges of indexing, I am shifting my focus to the delights of oil painting, art quilts, and staying healthy. I plan to create an art website in a year or so and will post the URL here. My heartfelt thanks to all the editors and authors who trusted me to index their projects over the years. My ideas about quality indexes can still be found in my book,  Ten Characteristics, and in ASI's guide to best indexing practices.

See my art website: margietowery.com